• An Enterprise Approach to Mental Wellness 

    Beacon is built to grow and rapidly reach large numbers of users 

  • Features

    Beacon has been built with both individual users and larger organizations in mind.


    Tap in anytime, anywhere.

    Beacon improves over traditional therapy by allowing uses to reach other with ease from the palm of their hand. Support is no more than a tap away.


    No names, no judgement.

    User profiles on Beacon are anonymous, so anyone can share their honest feelings without fear of stigma or retaliation.


    HIPAA Compliant

    End-to-end data encryption that meets military, healthcare and financial standards means that all content on Beacon is fully secure.


    Automatically flags toxicity.

    Advanced natural language processing tools automatically alert human moderators of malicious content or the potential for user self-harm, allowing for appropriate and timely intervention.

  • Honored to Serve Those who Serve

    We built Beacon with the specific needs of the military, first responders, and healthcare providers in mind

    The Military

    Active Duty & Veterans

    Mental health issues often go untreated within the brave men and woman defending our nation. Problems don't disappear after service: around 22 Veterans take their own lives daily. Beacon has been built to military grade security standards.

    First Responders

    Police, Fire, and EMS

    The people on the front lines of crisis in communities everywhere take on a traumatic job, but too often, are the last people to reach out for help. Beacon allows responders to receive support anonymously, from others who understand their jobs.

    Healthcare Providers

    Doctors, Nurses, PAs

    Over a third of young doctors suffer from depression. The nature of the job of any provider means long hours, and stressful nights. Beacon gives these providers an outlet and a source of strength.