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    More Retention: Text Based Therapy

    Online therapy to keep communication going over distance

    “This study shows that an internet-based intervention for depression is equally beneficial to regular face-to-face therapy. However, more long term efficacy, indicated by continued symptom reduction three months after treatment, could be only be found for the online group.” - Research

    Harnessing the Power of Peers

    Allowing users to lean on someone who relates

    “Group therapy for veterans with mood disorders were effective in improving multiple aspects of quality of life, ranging from family communication to symptom management and problem-solving behaviors.” - Research

    Freedom of Expression

    Users are made anonymous to each other

    “The shield of invisibility, the freedom to express emotions openly, and advantages of text contributed to feeling understood and emotionally connected with the members of one's group… the privacy and semi-anonymity made it easier to discuss difficult, important topics.” - Research

  • AI Powered

    Sophisticated Natural Language Processing Tools Enhance our Abilities

    Assisted Moderation

    Automatically Flag Content

    Beacon can automatically flag potentially malicious or suicidal content, bringing it to the attention of a human moderator in real time,allowing clinicians to focus their time on content that needs intervention.

    Aggregate Sentiment 

    Visualize User Progress Over Time

    Beacon's algorithms can also track a group or user's average emotional sentiment over time and detect patterns that may not be evident at first glance. Information is presented in an intuitive visual form.

  • A UI for Users and Clinicians alike

    Meant to Facilitate Anything from Peer Support to Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Persistent, Anonymous Profiles

    A UI Optimized for Community

    Our user interface was designed with input from psychiatrists and psychologists to be calming and easy to navigate. We're also incorporating a variety of features to allow users to customize their own profiles.

    Built in Forms Integration

    Forms, polls, and notes all baked in ​

    Therapists have the ability to implement standardized forms in their groups. Beacon supports everything from informal polls, to standardized diagnostic tools such as the BHM20 and PH9.

  • Secure.

    We don't compromise here.

    Ironclad Security 

    Fully HIPAA ​ & HITECH Compliant

    Beacon is fully encrypted to secure both payment details and patient information, so you can rest easy and know you're in good hands. 

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