• Our Story

    Beacon's values and orgins

    Where it all began

    Our founders met while studying at Johns Hopkins. Mentors here, part of one of the world's greatest healthcare systems, gave us immeasurable insights. But it was also the greater landscape of Baltimore, Charm City & City of Neighborhoods, that shaped our vision for Beacon.


    Beacon was a response to our founders witnessing the negative effects of untreated mental health conditions among the student body and beyond.

    Isolation Hurts

    People are not meant to be alone. But oftentimes people face issues they don't feel comfortable discussing with friends and family. This causes millions to stay silent and let issues fester.


    Beacon is about creating a judgement-free space where individuals are not held back from speaking their mind on anything. Beacon exists to inspire trust in its users and make them feel at home.

    The Stakes are High

    1 in 4 Americans adults diagnosed with a mental health issue in a year. 2 out of 3 receiving no care whatsoever. These statistics are a reminder of the magnitude of the problem we aim to address.


    With so many suffering, we know we must scale soon. But a failure in our technology can mean lives lost, and this is a moral responsibility that we can't forget. Beacon exists to help people - and that comes before anything else.

    The Value of Community 

    People achieve great things together. Research has shown that when people help each other, there are psychological benefits for everyone involved.


    Group therapy combines clinical structure of one-on-one therapy and persistent support of a group. By connecting people who relate to one another, Beacon creates a lasting community for people to lean on each other and build others up.

    Wellness Through Technology 

    As our founders were educated as engineers, building things is what we do best. Right now that takes the form of deep convolutional neural nets run on text, but who knows what the future will hold?



    Beacon is based on the principle that by combining cutting edge technology with existing clinical strategies, we can enable care with a precision and scope that does not exist today. 

    And on we go...

    A Beacon is a signal of safety and light, and that's exactly what we intend to build. Not only for the millions suffering from a mental health condition, but also for everyone else, because mental wellness is something that is relevant to all.


    There is much to do, but things are moving quickly, so check back here often!




    - Shrenik & Ravi