• Smarter Therapy. Together.

    Beacon is a mobile app for anonymous group therapy made scalable through machine learning

  • Our Problem: Mental Health Today

    The numbers speak for themselves.

    1 in 4

    American adults diagnosed with a mental health issue per year

    2 in 3 

    Of those diagnosed receive ZERO treatment


    Estimated earnings lost due to mental health conditions


    Of all suicides have an underlying mental health issue.

  • Our Solution: Help People Support Each Other

    Built to work in tandem with larger organizations and institutions.

    See the science behind our approach below!

    More Retention: Text Based Therapy

    Online therapy to keep communication going over distance

    “This study shows that an internet-based intervention for depression is equally beneficial to regular face-to-face therapy. However, more long term efficacy, indicated by continued symptom reduction three months after treatment, could be only be found for the online group.” - Research

    Harnessing the Power of Peers

    Allowing users to lean on someone who relates

    “Group therapy for veterans with mood disorders were effective in improving multiple aspects of quality of life, ranging from family communication to symptom management and problem-solving behaviors.” - Research

    Freedom of Expression

    Users are made anonymous to each other

    “The shield of invisibility, the freedom to express emotions openly, and advantages of text contributed to feeling understood and emotionally connected with the members of one's group… the privacy and semi-anonymity made it easier to discuss difficult, important topics.” - Research

  • The Net Result:

    The efficacy of therapy with the persistence of a support group, in one place.

  • Our App:

    Individuals sign in with just an email and password.

    Tailored Groups, Tailored Topics

    Beacon allows users to suggest groups, allow them to receive specialized support from others who can relate.


    Engage with a persistent community of 5-7 peers and a trained moderator through text and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

    Facilitated by Moderators

    Our moderators, who are either certified therapists, or trained peers, lead groups by:

    • Overseeing group conversation
    • Coordinating session calls
    • Messaging users individually 
    • Sending out handouts, polls, and forms

    Smart Intervention

    Our natural language processing algorithms interpret context and slang in messages to determine the underlying sentiment, providing our moderations with real-time alerts of possible user maliciousness and an aggregate sentiment analysis of the conversation.


    Allowing Beacon to offer always anonymous & accessible support in a robust, scalable, manner.

  • Founders

    Committed to seeing Beacon all the way through


    Business Lead

    Exposed to our mental health crisis while responding to 911 calls as an EMT, Shrenik works with users, clinicians, and administrators to bring Beacon to deployment. Catch him hanging by the Hopkins climbing wall in his spare moments.




    BS Applied Math, German '18

    Johns Hopkins University


    Tech Lead

    Ravi develops our mobile application and sentiment analysis tools using experience he has gained from working with startups on four continents. When he isn't working on Beacon or writing textbooks, find him by the food.




    BS Computer Science

    MSEM Computer Science '16

    Johns Hopkins University

  • News

    We're honored to have been recognized with a variety of awards 

    Awards & Grants

    • "Judges Choice Award", Harvard Kennedy & Business School Social Enterprise Conference
    • First Place, Johns Hopkins Business Plan Competition, Social Enterprise Category
    • First Place, Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering and Design, Digital Health Category
    • First Place, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Pitch Competition
    • Recipient, Ralph S O'Connor Grant, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
    • Recipient,  Whiting Student Enterprise fund, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
    • Ignite Speaker, Kaiser Permanente's Care Management Institute’s 2015 Annual Meeting 

    Beacon is also very thankful for a pre-seed investment from The Abell Foundation

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